Tuesday, 24 August 2010

hello everyone

well we have been so busy trying to get ready for our first summer show!!!! wrapping, packing and making lots, normally when we order our hearts they get deliverd to us within a couple of days but we have had some confusion and we have waited a week so the backlog on our hearts is over welming!!!!! cant wait to get started tommorow!!!!!!

we dont get together as often as we need to work as our girlies keep us soooo busy........ so when we work we work very hard!!!! i (kate) would like to thank hayley for helping me achieve a dream i have had for such a long time i love to think of our pretties living in a gorgeous home and being loved as much as we love making them .......... me and hayley went to school together and spent many hours talking about boys, clothes and take that ( and that will never stop we love you gary barlow more than chocolate ) we always shared a love of pretty things, ill always remember hayley having fresh flowers in her room..... silly things you remember....... when we leaft school we went down different paths and through the wounderfull world that is facebook we found each other 10 years down the line................... and were very pleased to find out that 10 years later we still have lots in common , we both marride in the same year 2002 we both marride rugby players and they are both called lee.......... we both had collections of home magazines piled high , and we love our ever changeing homes...... a couple of months ago after many chats over our monthly reviews of our fav home magazines we decided to create our buisness PEACHES AND ME...................... and here we are loving every minute !!!!

so hayley i love you lots i couldnt of realised my dream without you xxxxxxxxxxx

the picture is of one of our popular "our song" hearts .


  1. What a lovely post. It must be so lovely to have a friend to be creative with. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. After nearly a year away from blogging it's a bit nervous making writing again so really lovely to get some comments straight away.

  2. it is nice really nice !!!! i look forward to reading your posts xx

  3. I love that heart! Do you have an etsy shop or a website? You make such pretty things....xx